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CPF's unique structure increases donors' giving options, uses market principles for efficiency, distributes funds to any qualified public charity, and provides a home for alliances that enhance the philanthropic activities of all parties.

CPF: Partners and Programs
  • Donor-Advised Accounts
  • Field-of-Interest Funds
  • Charitable CD's
  • Charitable Incubator
  • Financial Partners
  • Customized Giving Accounts
  • Affinity Cards
  • Matching Programs
  • Pooled Accounts
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Automatic Donation Program
  • Employee Giving
  • Corporate Programs
  • Charitable CDs

    For the first time, donors, for-profits and non-profits can link together to achieve a variety of program and funding goals. And all participants benefit from a neutral, efficient, inclusive organization.

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