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The Charitable Certificate of Deposit Program represents an entirely new method of giving. Donors purchase a Charitable CD from a participating bank; the CD interest is assigned to CPF, and we direct it to the Donor’s chosen non-profit. Through this vehicle any organization can offer a simple and effective method for long-term gifts.

»Superior Program Funding Vehicle
A single deposit provides support for as long as the CD is in place
  • Direct connection between Donor and Program
  • Donor can be recognized for sustained giving

  • » Cooperative Focus
    Banks have direct incentive to help you raise money
  • More opportunities for collaborative events and activities
  • Any participating bank can be a partner
  • Bank customers are potential new donors

  • » Greater Control for Donors
    Donors retain control of the CD, and can roll over, withdraw or add to the principal
  • Donor can target gift for particular purpose
  • You can educate your donors over time about the importance of sustained giving

  • » Leave a legacy
    Donors can make CD principal payable to their designated charity
  • Legacy gifts become simple and dependable
  • No need to modify will or estate plan
  • Gift goes to your organization outside probate
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