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Through the Automatic Donations Program (ADP), CPF can provide Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) capability to any qualified non-profit organization. You get the ease and efficiency of EFT and the benefit of predictable, consistent monthly funding at a cost oridinarily available only to the largest organizations.

CPF, in partnership with Heritage bank, has created a single, dedicated Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT system), called the Automatic Donations Program (ADP). This program allows any non-profit to receive donations automatically and securely from a donor's checking or savings account. For the ADP system, CPF serves as the administrator, the conduit for funds, and as the reporting entity.

CPF can provide EFT capability to any qualified non-profit organization for a low annual fee.

Detail of Services

The many benefits of EFT donations include:

  • Lower administrative costs
  • Greater donor retention
  • Higher giving rates over time
  • Enhanced donor relationships
  • Sustained, predictable funding


Greater Efficiency Through Scale

Any qualified non-profit organization can use the program immediately. Participants don't pay out-of-pocket transaction or transmission fees. CPF provides record-keeping, reporting and tax notification.

Development Support

CPF will provide fund development support and expertise to participating organizations. We can also help you create Workplace Giving Programs and help you understand how to increase planned gifts.

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