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CPF’s broad mission allows the flexibility to adopt a wide range of programs. CPF serves as the platform to allow philanthropic concepts to grow and develop, or to provide efficient and supportive oversight of ongoing projects.

» Developing Charitable Ideas
Individuals and groups can explore a philanthropic project without having to create a freestanding non-profit organization.
  • CPF's Board provides oversight and resources
  • CPF is responsible for all tax reporting and record keeping
  • Individual or group controls the program

  • » Sustaining Programs
    CPF will adopt ongoing charitable programs that meet its guidelines
  • An organization can explore program ideas that are outside the scope of its mission
  • Less overhead means greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • CPF's Board and Advisors bring a broad range of expertise

  • » Providing a Resource
    The Charitable Partnership Fund opens new doors for non-profits, enabling them to work with organizations that were not previously accessible. We serve as a conduit between non-profits and other community entities such as financial institutions and corporations, so that all entities can develop cooperative and mutually beneficial relationships.
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